i-genomic Stool plus DNA Extraction Mini Kit


Spin type product for extracting and separating DNA from stool sample using InhibitEX Tablet.

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Spin type product for extracting and separating DNA from stool sample using InhibitEX Tablet

  • Possible to extract high quality of DNA by removing inhibitor in Sample using InhibitEX Tablet.
  • Phenol-chloroform extraction and alcohol precipitation is not required.
  • High reproducibility provided by applying Inhibitor removing method such as tablet type.
  • Very easy and simple method used for extracting DNA within 40minutes.
  • Various samples such as human stool, dog, cat, rat, bird are available.

i-genomic Stool Plus DNA Extraction Mini Kit is specialized in extracting DNA from human as well as other species. Generally, stool sample contains substances for DNA degradation and substances that inhibit PCR Reaction. Therefore, equipment for minimizing contamination is required in order to extract genomic DNA from stool. This product satisfies this requirements and removes all the contamination using InhibitEX and provides optimized buffer system for DNA extraction. This product takes only 40 minutes to finish extraction and no additional steps such as phenol-chloroform extraction and alcohol precipitation are required.


PCR & Real-time PCR
Pathogen research
Southern blotting

Kit Contents

Contents Volumes
SL Buffer 80ml
SB Buffer 15ml
SW1 Buffer 13ml
SW2 Buffer 15ml
SE Buffer 15ml
Proteinase K 1ml
InhibitEX Tablets 50 ea
Spin Columns 50 ea
Collection Tubes 50 ea


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